Wildflower Nation is a fresh Western home goods brand with a focus on fighting climate change and conserving resources.  We pride ourselves on having a frontier spirit and a give back heart.  We are proud members of 1% for the planet.  

Our name is inspired by Colorado's annual wildflower season. Blooms that are special because the season is limited and the beauty is lasting.  To this end we focus on small runs of gathered collections that mix vintage, handmade, and limited quantity products that are joyful and honor the heritage and lifestyle of the American West.

  • We rebrand our vintage finds with the Double Goods West cattle brand to signal that an upcycle purchase helps reduce over production and contributes to the planet.
  • We trust that limited edition decor inspires long term love. 

  • We want you to shop more and buy less, keeping the things you truly love forever.

  • We believe that a home should be packed with personality; and products should put people and preservation first.

  • We favor vintage and handmade because there is nothing more green and few things as special.

  • We strive to be a zero waste company by focusing on vintage, ethically sourced items and tight inventory management via mini collections.